NAS Recovery & Hacks

Got some problems with your NAS device? Here, you'll find tips and tricks for recovering lost data, troubleshooting common issues, and maximizing the potential of your network-attached storage (NAS) device.

The 5 Best RAID Data Recovery Software

Here, you will learn the top 5 best RAID recovery software to assist you in recovering and restoring lost or deleted files from the different RAID devices.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/07/06
Top 5 Raid Data Recovery Services

You can use the top 5 RAID data recovery services mentioned in this article to recover RAID data. But you can also try the Recoverit RAID data recovery software to reduce costs and time.

Sue Wayne Sue Wayne 2023/07/06
How to Wipe Data from a NAS Drive

Learn how to wipe data from a NAS drive with Stellar BitRaser for file in simple steps.

Theo Lucia Theo Lucia 2023/08/04
Comparison Between NAS and External Hard Drive

It is important to carry large sets of data in handy devices without any dangers and warnings of data loss. This article covers all the aspects of additional storage devices.

Theo Lucia Theo Lucia 2023/08/04
How to Take a NAS Disaster Recovery

Confronting a system crash due to a disaster? You need backup and disaster recovery services. It would help you for managed backup and disaster recovery. This article would be guiding you about backup and disaster recovery solutions, precisely about cloud backup and disaster recovery.

Amy Dennis Amy Dennis 2023/08/04
Top 5 Thunderbolt NAS

Finding the best QNAP Thunderbolt NAS drive? Here are the top 5 reviewed Synology Thunderbolt NAS servers to help you decide what's good for you and our business.

Sue Wayne Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
QNAP NAS Data Recovery

Finding ways how to safely recover data from a QNAP NAS drive? This article presents three solutions to perform a seamless QNAP NAS data recovery process.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
NETGEAR ReadyNAS Data Recovery

Have you experienced NETGEAR ReadyNAS data loss? To find out how to get your data back, read this guide. You can use the reliable Recoverit ReadyNAS data recovery software for a secure recovery.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
Synology Data Recovery: How To Recover Deleted Files From Synology NAS

Data backup to NAS is no longer a rare occurrence. This article will walk you through the three methods for recovering deleted files from your Synology NAS drive.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
Seagate Central NAS Data Recovery

Have trouble recovering your data from Seagate Central NAS drive? We got you covered! Here are the top solutions for Seagate Central NAS data recovery.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
NAS Hard Drive Data Recovery: Simplified Methods for Retrieving Lost Data

Have you lost data from your NAS Hard Drive? Are you looking for easier ways to recover your lost data? Don't be concerned. Our article has you covered!

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
How to Install Nextcloud on Your Synology NAS?

Nextcloud plays a crucial role in increasing collaboration and real-time file sharing when installed on Synology NAS. Learn how to install Nextcloud here!

Khalid Abdullahi Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
How To Recover Data From Asustor NAS

Asustor is popular for NAS servers that require massive storage. But what to do in a data loss scenario? Here’s your comprehensive guide for Asustor data recovery.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
How To Perform Drobo Data Recovery

Drobo devices make for robust NAS data storage. But what to do when you encounter data losses on the network? This guide will help you learn the various scenarios and solutions for Drobo data recovery.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
How To Recover Synology Password

Read the comprehensive guide on Synology password recovery if you don't remember it. We will also help you with synology admin password recovery in easy steps.

Khalid Abdullahi Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
How To Make TrueNAS/FreeNAS Data Recovery Like A Pro

FreeNAS data recovery is easy in case you have lost or deleted files. Get your hands on some of the most important files stored on your TrueNAS/FreeNAShard drive easily with us.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
QNAP Qsirch Review and Top 8 Alternatives

This article demonstrates the QNAP Qsirch review regarding its various dimensions and the most viable alternatives to Qsirch.

Sue Wayne Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
What is QNAP NAS, and Why Do You Need It?

QNAP NAS is a powerful tool to store and manage your important data. It makes this data accessible to multiple users across different clients.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
How To Undelete Files on Btrfs File System

If you lose files on the BTRFS file system, this article explains how to recover deleted files and what BTRFS is.

Khalid Abdullahi Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
An In-Depth Review of Synology’s DiskStation DS1522+ NAS

Want to learn more about Synology’s latest NAS devices? Read our guide to find out everything on the latest and greatest Synology DiskStation DS1522+ NAS.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
The Basics of Synology’s Assistant App and Ways to Use It

Looking for a solution to manage your Synology NAS devices? Discover Synology Assistant and learn how to install and use it.

Sue Wayne Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
How To Delete Files, Folders, and Directory via SSH

Do you want to remove unwanted files, folders, and directories securely and efficiently with SSH? Follow our step-by-step guide to learn the process for efficient deletion.

Sue Wayne Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
Looking Inside TrueNAS Mini X - Everything You Need to Know

Find out everything you need to know about TrueNAS Mini X+ in this comprehensive and all-encompassing review. Read about the pros and cons and software/hardware specifications.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
Best SSD for Synology NAS to Get in 2023

Every Synology NAS user needs a high-quality SSD to complete their setup. Check out these top six recommendations and choose one of the best SSDs in 2023.

Theo Lucia Theo Lucia 2023/08/11
Plex and Media Streaming: Best Synology NAS Devices for Home

Want to discover the best Synology NAS devices for home use and Plex media servers? Our picks offer ample storage, fast performance, ease of use, and security.

Selena Lee Selena Lee 2023/08/11
Finding the Best HDD for Synology NAS in 2023

Looking for the best HDD for NAS Synology? Discover the top options with detailed tech specs, features, pricing, and pros and cons. Find your perfect fit today.

Selena Lee Selena Lee 2023/08/11
Top 10 Synology NAS Apps for Creating A Synology Software Ecosystem

Are you looking for the best Synology app for your OS? If yes, this guide will help you tap into the top ten Synology applications of 2023.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
Best 4 Asustor NAS Devices in 2023

Looking for the best Asustor NAS devices in 2023? You’ve come to the right place. This guide will take you on a journey around the best Asustor NAS devices you should keep on your radar.

Eleanor Reed Eleanor Reed 2023/08/11
Can You Install TrueNAS on Raspberry Pi?

Read on to learn whether it’s possible to install FreeNAS on Raspberry Pi and what to do if your FreeNAS Raspberry Pi configuration won’t work.

Sue Wayne Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
Top 4 WD NAS in 2023

WD NAS storage options are popular choices for personal and business uses. But which WD NAS drive should you choose? Read on to find out.

Selena Lee Selena Lee 2023/08/11
WD Red vs. Red Plus vs. Red Pro – Which WD NAS Hard Drive Is the Best?

Western Digital is popular among people searching for NAS hard drives. Learn the differences between WD Red, Red Plus, and Red Pro and choose the best one for your needs.

Selena Lee Selena Lee 2023/08/11
How to Install TrueNAS: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

If you’re trying to set up a storage operating system, you’ve come to the right place. With our easy step-by-step guide, you’ll install TrueNAS effortlessly and in no time.

Sue Wayne Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
How To Set up TrueNAS on Proxmox Virtualization Software

Want to learn about improving your Proxmox and using it to store files? Follow our guide to learn about TrueNAS on Proxmox and how to use it as a home storage and sharing server.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/11
The 7 Best NAS for Mac Users in 2023

Does your Mac device need more storage? Do you need backup and sharing options? Explore the best NAS for macOS in our list of seven favorites.

Theo Lucia Theo Lucia 2023/08/14
Best Price to Performance NAS Hard Drives for Home Users

Don’t know which NAS hard drive to get? This guide covers some of the best NAS drives on the market and can help you choose a suitable NAS drive for your needs.

Selena Lee Selena Lee 2023/08/14
The 10 Best NAS Data Recovery Software for NAS RAID Recovery

Data recovery from NAS drives may seem difficult. But, it can be simplified with the right recovery tool. Read on as we list the top 10 NAS data recovery software.

David Darlington David Darlington 2023/08/17
Review of WD Red NAS Hard Drive

If you are interested in WD Red NAS hard drive, but don't know whether to buy it, then you can refer to this article will give you all the information regarding the WD RED NAS Hard Drive and how it will prove to be an advantage or disadvantage to you.

Theo Lucia Theo Lucia 2023/08/22
How To Change the RAID Setup of Synology NAS

Searching for ways to change or adjust one's Synology NAS RAID Setup? Read this step-by-step guide to learn Synology NAS's 3 different RAID setup options.

David Darlington 2023/07/06
Tutorial Guide to Turn Normal Hard Drive into NAS

Can I turn my external Hard Drive into a NAS? Yes, you can do this. But is it possible to turn any Hard Drive into NAS? Read below to get your answer.

Theo Lucia 2023/08/04
What is DLNA Media Server for QNAP NAS and How to Use it?

Do you want to improve your viewing experience when accessing multimedia content from NAS on various DLNA devices? Try using the DLNA Media Server for QNAP NAS.

David Darlington 2023/08/11
NAS vs SAN: What's the Difference

There are several configurations you can choose for network storage. But which one to pick from SAN or NAS? This is your detailed NAS vs SAN guide to help you decide.

Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
QNAP vs. Synology – The Endless Battle of NAS Titans

Are you trying to figure out which NAS to invest in? Let’s take an in-depth look at QNAP vs. Synology comparison to see which one is better for your business needs.

Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
NAS vs DAS: What's the Difference

Struggling to decide what to use between NAS and DAS? Here, we'll look at the use cases, pros, and cons of the 2 storage systems to help you decide which is best for you.

Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
What Is Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) and The Difference Between SHR and Classic RAID

Still undecided about what storage system you will use? Worry not! This guide explains Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) and how it differs from a Classic RAID.

Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
Cross-Platform File Sharing: Complete Guide of NFS, Samba & AFP Protocols in QNAP NAS

Are you on the hunt for sharing the same data across multiple platforms? Samba, NFS, and AFP protocols will help you achieve your aim. Read more to get deeper.

Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
All You Need To Know About QNAP Qfinder

If you intend to use Qfinder Pro for your QNAP, this comprehensive guide will assist you greatly.

Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
What Is Emby Server for QNAP NAS and How to Use it?

This article highlights the salient aspects of a potent media server, Emby, and the procedure of manipulating it on QNAP NAS for content streaming.

Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
A Complete Guide of QTS 5.0 in QNAP NAS

QNAP QTS 5.0 has proved to be an excellent tool for protecting your digital assets. It also brings you intelligence and power. Read more to get into the details.

Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
How To Enable SSH on Synology NAS

Having a hard time adding SSH encryption to your Synology device? Here’s how to do it in four simple steps.

Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
Synology Finder: Steps to Locate Synology NAS on Network

Many Synology users cannot find their NAS after plugging it in. This Synology NAS finder guide will help you solve that problem. Read on to learn more.

Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
5 Easy Steps to Setup NFS on Synology NAS

Learn how to set up NFS on Synology NAS easily. We’ve compiled a guide to setting up NFS for you, with everything you need to know about this process.

Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
3 Ways of Running a Speedtest on Synology NAS Devices

Do you want to run a speed test on your Synology NAS devices? Discover the best speed test programs and learn how to use them.

Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
Synology Let’s Encrypt – How to Use it

Obtaining and managing your site’s SSL/TLS certificates is a piece of cake with Synology Let’s Encrypt. Learn how to use it like a pro.

Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
A Guide to Backblaze B2 Synology: Connecting Synology NAS to Backblaze B2

Here’s a comprehensive Backblaze B2 Synology guide to backing up your Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to Backblaze B2 cloud storage.

David Darlington 2023/08/11
How To Setup Plex on Synology NAS

Learn how to set up Plex on your Synology NAS with this guide. Get step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing Plex, so you can easily stream your media library on any device.

Khalid Abdullahi 2023/08/11
QNAP WireGuard and Its Alternatives: Which Is the Best VPN Software for QNAP NAS

WireGuard is a known VPN option for QNAP devices but there are some great alternatives you should consider trying out.

David Darlington 2023/08/11
DIY: 6 Steps to Setup Plex on TrueNAS

Do you want to start using Plex with your TrueNAS? Here is an easy-to-follow guide to help you install Plex on TrueNAS, even if you are an absolute beginner.

David Darlington 2023/08/11
Learn How to Setup OpenVPN on TrueNAS (+Alternative Option)

This guide will take you through the steps to set up and configure TrueNAS OpenVPN. You’ll also receive steps for setting up TrueNAS WireGuard as an alternative option.

David Darlington 2023/08/11
How To Use Synology NAS on VMware ESXi

If you need more space for virtual machine data, Synology NAS and VMware are a good match. Here’s how to set it up.

Selena Lee 2023/08/11
An Updated Guide to Using and Installing OpenVPN on Synology

Keep your files safe and access them easily by installing and using the OpenVPN tool on Synology NAS. Here’s how to do it.

Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
Short Guide on How to Install and Use ZeroTier on Synology NAS

If it’s your first time installing ZeroTier with Docker on Synology, the process can seem confusing. Learn how to set everything up in a few simple steps.

Sue Wayne 2023/08/11
Everything You Need to Know About Connecting Kodi to Synology

Want to learn about connecting and adding the Kodi media player to your Synology devices? Read our guide to find out more about Kodi for Synology.

David Darlington 2023/08/11
How To Access Multimedia Content From Synology NAS via DLNA/UPnP

Want to access your multimedia files from Synology NAS using DLNA/UPnP but don’t know how? This guide will equip you with everything you need.

David Darlington 2023/08/11
How To Install Jellyfin on Synology NAS in a Quick Few Steps

If you can’t get your Jellyfin Synology NAS to work, here’s a nice tutorial to get you started. Learn how to install Jellyfin on Synlogy in a few quick steps.

David Darlington 2023/08/11
How To Run VMs on Synology NAS with Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

Synology NAS can host multiple virtual machines, but installing them might take a while. Here’s how to successfully run a VM using Synology VMM.

Eleanor Reed 2023/08/11
How To Install and Use Home Assistant on Synology NAS

Are you considering using Home Assistant on Synology NAS? Follow these eight steps to easily install it on your device and start reaping all the benefits today!

David Darlington 2023/08/11
Install and Use Wireguard on Synology NAS With 5 Simple Steps

Want to install and use the unsupported Wireguard on your Synology NAS? Read our guide to learn more about building a Wireguard SPK package for your NAS device.

Eleanor Reed 2023/08/11
Quick Guide on How To Install Emby on Synology NAS

Make your media files easily accessible with Emby! Our step-by-step guide will show you how to install Emby on Synology NAS and start streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and photos to other devices.

Selena Lee 2023/08/11
Step-By-Step Guide: Installing TrueNAS CORE on QNAP Devices

As a QNAP user, you need a reliable NAS system. Installing TrueNAS on QNAP might be what you need to do. Here’s how to do it.

Selena Lee 2023/08/11
How To Setup Plex With WD My Cloud Home

WD My Cloud Plex is a go-to solution for internet users looking to increase their online storage. Here’s how to set up Plex using WD My Cloud Home.

David Darlington 2023/08/11
Step-By-Step Guide on Installing Nextcloud on TrueNAS

Nextcloud might have everything you need from an online file hosting service on TrueNAS. Here’s how you can install it quickly and easily.

Selena Lee 2023/08/11
How To Connect Synology NAS to Mac

Cannot connect to Synology NAS from Mac? Need help with Synology NAS or Mac devices? This guide can teach you all about the Synology NAS to Mac connection.

Theo Lucia 2023/08/11