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Fixed: webm file not working

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Aug 04, 2023 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

In the world of technology, there are hundreds of different file forms that are supported by various file formats that are then launched on many other platforms. A common person can never judge which file type is associated with which format and what further platform it needs to run. In the world of formats, a web browser format is WebM Video File.

It must be really annoying that you are working in the office and you launch a WebM file, but it does not play. The stress of doing your work and leaving early is now mixed with the stress of a not opening file, and you have to work on that file. The modern browser format is a modern problem in this world to resolve. Let's take you with us and learn more about the .webm file.

Part 1. What is a WebM file?

A WebM file is an audiovisual media file format. A file format that is designed to save videos. The format is open and offers a royalty-free alternative to use in HTML5 video and HTML5 audio elements. Because the format is available and 100% free, the technology is very suitable for both commercial and non-commercial applications.

The .webm video file format is similar to the container structure that MKV video format uses, which can store both audio and video data. The videos are compressed using a VP8 or VP9 codec whereas, the audio is compressed either using Opus or Vorbis codec. New and modern web browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox have built-in support settings for the .webm file format.

Part 2. Pros and cons of WebM file

WebM video files can be directly launched on the web browser using HTML5 without a flash player. The format is 100% free and open to everyone. The video played in this format has better quality and better performance, even if your PC is old. The format was specially built for the web. It has been implemented on many popular and well-known sites, like; YouTube, Wikipedia, 4chan, etc.

Few drawbacks of the WebM format might be that it does not supports many web browsers like Internet Explorer 9 and Safari require third-party WebM Media Foundation Components. Whereas Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are the supported platforms. WebM file format cannot be launched on most portable devices.

Part 3. How to play WebM file?

WebM file is typically embedded in webpages. The file format specifically designed for the web generally operates on modern browsers. At the same time, few browsers do not support the format. For such cases, the user needs to install a WebM plug-in to play any WebM media file.

Mac users can use VLC to play any WebM file. Windows Media Player also supports the WebM file. Other than that, Media Payer Classic can also launch a WebM file.

Part 4. What may cause the WebM file not to working

Chrome, Opera, etc support the .webm file. In case you are unable to launch a WebM video file, you should try by installing its plug-in. But it is possible that even after installing the plug-in, you still cannot play any WebM file, and you complain that the WebM is not working.

That is because some other factors prove to be a hurdle for any WebM file. The coming section will inform the readers about different reasons that aid a .webm file not to work;

1. Corrupt Browser:

Among the many other reasons, one primary reason is that the browser might be corrupted or might be out-dated. In both cases, the browser will not allow any .webm file to launch. And hence, WebM files do not work.

2. Incompatible Codecs:

As mentioned earlier, the video is compressed by VP8 or VP9 codec. The audio is compressed by Vorbis or Opus codecs. It might be possible that some other codecs are used that are incompatible with the .webm file.

3. Incomplete Download:

Another affecting factor that can be why a WebM file is not working is the incomplete download or transfer of the file, which later causes problems in playing it.

4. Corrupted WebM files:

The WebM files can also be corrupted. The corruption in the files is due to incorrect conversion or incorrect compression techniques. The lack of knowledge for conversion and compression becomes another reason that leads a .webm file to a not working state.

Part 5. How to fix the WebM file not working issue?

It might be possible that the WebM file you try to launch does not work. As discussed earlier are few reasons why they don't work, but now we will discuss how to recover the issue.

Method 1: Update Web browser

An easy way to resolve the problem is to update the browser you are using. For instance, you can update Chrome or Firefox that will enable the WebM files to play again. But what if you don't know how to update your browser? We got you;

Update Google Chrome:

The following steps will help you to update Chrome;

1. Open Chrome on your computer.

2. Click 'More'-Three vertical dots at the top right, and access 'About Google Chrome' from the 'Help' option.

access google chrome about feature

3. From there, select 'Update Google Chrome.' And if it's not visible, then you already got the latest version.

google chrome is updating

4. Once done, click on 'Relaunch.'

relaunch your google chrome

Update Firefox:

Following are the steps guiding you to update Firefox;

1. Firstly, click on the 'Menu' button that is in the top right corner.

tap on firefox menu

2. Once the menu is opened, click on the 'Help' button. That is the symbol of a question mark.

select help option

3. From the 'Help' window, you are to select 'About Firefox.'

tap on about firefox option

4. The new window will appear with the Firefox logo. From here, click on 'Check for Updates.'

5. After that, click on 'Update.'

6. Once you click that, the window will again show a button as 'Restart Firefox to Update.' After clicking on this button, it will be updated to the latest version

tap on restore my files option

Method 2: Temporary Files and Cache

The problem that your file is not working. Like in this case, the WebM video file is not working. To get rid of any such situation, a simple and easy solution is to delete cache and temporary files. Deleting these files will fix the problem of video playing and long buffering issues etc.

Few guiding steps on how to delete temporary files are attached below;

1. First of all, click the start menu, and in the box, type' Disk Cleanup'.

search disk cleanup

2. When the disk cleanup window opens, select your drive.

3. Now, select the files you want to delete and complete the deleting process.

choose the files

The steps below will help you and guide you on how to clear cache;

1. Firstly, open Run by pressing 'Windows + R' together.

2. When the Run window opens, type 'WSReset.exe' and then press on 'Ok.'

type the command and clear cache

3. Running the command will automatically clear the cache.

Now play any WebM file to check if the processes worked or not.

Part 6. How to recover deleted or lost WebM files?

Losing or deleting a file accidentally is more like a nightmare that no one wants to face. But luckily, the software is available to save us from all the damage that we made. Wondershare Recoverit is the magic tool that helps the user to bring any deleted or lost file back to the world. The fantastic tool is 100% safe and effective.

We will make sure that after going through the step by step guideline, you will not face any difficulty in using the tool ever;

Users must install and download Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery Software.

Step 1: Select the drive you want to scan

Firstly, the user is advised to select the target drive from where the data was originally lost. After that, the user should click on the 'Start' button, which is in the bottom right corner, and let the scan begin.

choose your drive and start the scan

Step 2: Scanning

Now, Wondershare Recoverit will scan all the folders of the drive to find the deleted files. The scanning time depends on the size of the files. The larger the files, the longer the scan will take.

scanning your drive

Step 3: Recover the files

The 'Tree View' or the 'File View' will display all the content found after scanning. You now have to check the files and mark them to recover. Then click on the 'Recover' button, present in the center of the screen.

recover your data


The article aims to provide maximum information to its readers regarding WebM files and answer the most common problems. Also, the introduction of Wondershare Recoverit will change user's life because they will never lose any data file again.

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