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Tape Drive Backup VS. Hard Drive Backup

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Aug 04, 2023 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

It's an indisputable fact that every business, irrespective of the sector requires data for its success! All thanks to technology, big companies and individual businesses can now backup their stored data for unplanned future scenarios using either a tape backup or hard drive.

But the big question is, Which backup is best suitable for your personal or company's requirements? If you're unsure, then this article is created just for such a purpose. This page will give you a brief knowledge of tape drive vs. hard drive for backup and introduce you to a phenomenal advanced method to backup a database in a hassle-free way. So stick your feet up, grab a cup of coffee, and let's walk you through an in-depth concept of tape backup vs. external hard drive. It's a win-win!

Basic Concept of Tape Storage and Disk Storage

A quick idea that sticks the brain when you hear of tape backup and disk backup, you think of devices that store data for safekeeping. But what's tape storage? What's disk storage? Are there any primary characteristics that differentiate tape storage from disk storage? What kind of data do people store on either a tape drive or an external hard drive? Well, those and lots more will be discussed in this section. So read further to find out more.

What is Tape Storage?

Tape storage is the process of collecting vital databases to a storage device that reads and writes data from a system to a magnetic tape for archiving and backup purposes! Tape drive stores data on a noose of celluloid-like material that can also be read and erased by employing a helical scan ( where the recording and playback heads touch the tape) or linear tape technology (where the heads never actually touch the tape). That's a quick brief on what a tape drive is!

tape storage

What is Disk Storage?

In contrast, disk storage involves storing data and info on a hard disk with the help of magnetic storage and one or more hastily spinning platters coated with magnetic materials.

If your hard drive is not spinning, you can click the following link to seek a solution: How to Fix Hard Drive Not Spinning?

disk storage

After reading the brief definition of tape disk and external hard disk, Are there any primary characteristics that differentiate tape storage from disk storage?

Well, the significant characteristics that differentiate hard disk from tape disk are the medium onto which data is stored. Tape storage hoards data to a tape cartridge for storage, while disk storage, on the other hand, stores data and other info on each platter of the disk.

What data do people store on either tape drive or disk drive?

Concerning the kind of data that can be stored on the tape drive and disk drive, research revealed that these two don't have any specific data that it stores. So they're opened to any kind of data you're looking to collect or backup. Moreover, tape drives are mostly used by large companies because of their longevity which can last over thirty years, while the disk drive is very common among individuals.

Note! We recommended companies and individuals to employ advanced backups software that'll be introduced on this page for proper storage of data. Besides, it's safer and works with modern technology, unlike tape drives and hard drives.

From the above brief on the mentioned questions, I'm sure you now have a concise understanding of the tape drive and external disk drive. Let's head to an in-depth comparison of tap backup vs. hard drive backup.

Tape Drive Backup vs. Hard Drive Backup

Although there are lots of factors people consider when choosing a backup that's right for them, we've outlined the top four vital factors to look into when comparing tape drive backup vs. hard drive backup. So enjoy!

Backup Speed

In the aspect of backup speed, the hard disk drive wins! Yes, from answers gotten from personal research and practicals, it can be concluded disk backup is faster compared to backup tapes. This is because disk backup doesn't undergo data duplication meaning, data backup won't be copied on the backup gadgets. In addition to that, tape drives store data sequentially, and the user can only access certain data by starting at the beginning and rolling through the tape until the desired data is located.

Cost of Purchase

The main factor every human will consider when acquiring a storage device is the cost of purchase compared to its storage. Besides, nobody wants to buy a low-storage drive at a high price. A tape backup system costs an average of $33/Terabyte, while disk backup, on the other hand, costs between $45 - $50 per Terabyte.

Storage Capacity

As technology evolves, we've continued to see the rapid advance of disk storage capabilities, and to me, it's no match for tape backup. With the improved digital technology, disk drive backup can store much more data on a single hard drive device compared to the tape backup. And it's even faster, portable, and has great usability, making it beneficial for users at all levels. Hard disk wins!

Hassle Factor: Can data be recovered when lost?

Finally, the hassle factor! Considering the amount of hard work you've got to put forth, tape backups, you must remember to take the tapes offsite. And this may seem time taking, and it may also result in security issues as it can eventually get lost forever. Disk systems are automatic – they can be replicated offsite, in a secure location, and there are advanced tools that can be used to recover lost data from the disk drive-Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software.

Tape Storage Disk Storage
Speed 150 Mb/s 160 Mb/s - 500 Mb/s
Average storage capacity 15 Terabytes  500 GB - 20T
Average Price $3000 - $20,000 $49 - $349

Wondershare UBackit | Your Loyal Data Backup Steward

Are you confused about the best way to back up a hard disk without compromising vital information? Well, it's an honor to introduce you to a powerful backup software innovated under the ambition not just to protect your precious database, but to give humans peace in how they keep their data. Thanks to Wondershare UBackit software, you can now sync both your company's data and your personal information to an external hard drive or USB efficiently without hassles. From its highly intuitive user interface to the advanced backup features and lots more, UBackit boasts outstanding capability in the safekeeping of records/data. Check out the step-by-step guide below to backup your data effectively and efficiently using Wondershare UBackit.

Key Features

  • Hard disk backup
  • Partition backup
  • File and folder backup
  • Automatic and incremental backup
  • Universal search function
  • Overall filter function

Steps on Partition/Hard Disk Backup

Step 1 Launch Wondershare UBackit

After downloading and installing UBackit, launch the program and click Create New. Then, choose File Backup, Disk Backup or Outlook Backup as you need.

launch ubackit

Step 2 Select E/D/F Partition or Disk

Next, select the disk to backup. If it is File Backup, then you can select the specific folder or document. For Disk Backup, it supports the entire disk backup only.

select hard disk

Step 3 Choose Backup Destination

After that, you need to selec one disk to save the backup file. Please ensure the disk has enough space to save the backup. Then click Select to get the process started.

choose backup destination

Step 4 Evoke And Finish The Backup Process

When the backup process finished, you can choose to "Set Auto Backup" to release you from backup worries. Just click on "Settings", you can backup your hard disk daily, weekly, monthly, or even non-stop.

start the disk backup process


After reading through the content of this page tape drive vs. hard drive, I'm sure you now have a brief knowledge of the kind of backup drive that'll best suit your requirements. Although, from the page's content, it can be noted that the hard disk Is fat better compared to the tape drive. And this is because of its easy usability, accessibility, and fast backup speed. But the big drawback is, the hard drive isn't suitable for organizations. Thus we authorize you to reach out for the avant-garde Wondershare UBackit as it can store loads of information without compromising your database. It's also a better advantage as the risk of data loss is very low. So don't hesitate to reach out for the tool now!

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