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How to Recover Data from Hard Disk After Disk Wipe?

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Aug 04, 2023 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

When you wipe a hard drive, it means completely and permanently erase all data and files on the drive. Can erase data be recovered? To be honest, it depends on how strong the wipe magnet is. Don't worry, only if the wiped data has not been overwritten, your data can be recoverable with the right tool.

In this article, we aim to provide you with the easiest and quickest way to help you recover the wiped or erased hard drive with powerful data recovery software. And at the same time, some useful tips on formatting a hard drive are also attached.

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Part 1: Data Delete vs Data Wipe

People around the world are often confused about data deletion and data to wipe. Both of the terms have utterly different meanings. However, both of them are attached to data and its removal. Here’s the difference between data deletion and data wipe;

Data Delete

A request made to the operating system about deleting any file is usually known as data deletion. However, there are a lot of ways to recover data that has been deleted. In the process of data deletion, all traces of the data are not utterly erased. The operating system has a feature that allows you to recover data after it is deleted.

Starting from recycling bins to numerous recovery software, there are a vast number of ways to recover deleted data. After deleting data, you still have some hope to recover it, but when it comes to data wiping things are different.

Data Wipe

When specialized security tools are used to overwrite data on any storage device, it is often known as data wiping. To maintain the security or integrity of the data, people mostly wipe their data. Tools that wipe the data are mastered in covering the risks that are in data deletion. This process is mostly implemented on very secure data. In other words, it is the destruction of data.

How to Recover Wiped Hard Drive Data?

If you want to restore lost data from a wiped hard drive, you can get a wiped hard drive recovery program to help you. Wondershare Recoverit data recovery is a powerful erase data recovery tool, it can help you recover your erased hard disk in three simple steps. No matter what the file formats of your formatted data, it can get it back effectively and efficiently. Besides, you can repair your corrupted or damaged hard drive through its video repair function. Download and install Recoverit software on your computer.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Data from Hard Disk After Disk Wipe

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Three Steps to Recover Data from Wiped Hard Drive

Step 1 When you launch Recoverit and select a location, if the device is an external drive please connect it to the PC.

select wiped hard drive

Step 2 then the hard disk recovery software will start scanning the device to search for your lost data files, it takes minutes for scanning.

scanning the wiped drive data

Step 3 After the scan, you can check all recovered and preview some files like photos, music, and office document. Select your file and click the "Recover" button to restore.

recover data from erased hard drive

As for above-mentioned solution, hope it can help you solve the wiped hard drive issue. Download and try it to rescue your data now.

Tips Against Wiping Hard Drive Accidentally

Wiping a storage device often happens before disposing of a device like your computer hard drive, mobile phone, or Android tablet. But sometimes, it will accidentally wipe the user data and makes data unreadable. So the following tips aim to help you avoid the dilemma or fix the disk wipe issue.

1 Scenario of Clearing a Hard Drive by Mistake

The best way to prevent an unintentional disk wipe is a precaution. So it is quite necessary to understand what can make hard disks erased and data deleted by mistake. the following are some common scenarios when a hard drive is erased and data gets deleted unintentionally.

Now you are aware of the disk-wipe circumstances. But as we all know, sometimes clearing a hard drive is inevitable. For example, empty the recycle bin to free up the computer space, reinstall the Windows OS for better computer performance, format a hard drive to fix the hard disk errors, etc.

So what should be done if wiping a hard disk must be done? The measures are to keep a habit of data backup and wipe a hard disk securely if need be.

2 How to Wipe a Hard Drive Securely

Wiping a hard drive might be considered simple and easy. However, some improper operations can cause abnormal computer performance as well as data loss. So, how do you wipe out a hard drive in a secure way? Here are the steps for working on Windows 8.1 or 10 computers.

    1. Go to Settings (the gear icon on the Start menu)
    2. Select "Update & Security" > "Recovery" on the left panel
    3. Click "Get Started" under the tab of "Reset this PC"
    4. Click "Remove everything" on the pop-up window.

wipe a hard drive securely

  1. Click "Remove files and clean the drive" > "Next" > "Reset" > "Continue"

Through the above steps, you can find your hard drive erased securely and quickly. However, if you regard your hard drive files as important, please back them up before wiping a hard disk. But apart from the secure way of cleaning hard drives, you still need some tips against data loss.

6 Tips Against Erasing Hard Drive Data by Mistake

  • Carry out a backup regularly so that you can recover accidentally erased or deleted hard drives. To do this job effortlessly and efficiently, you can rely on professional and reliable data backup software like Wondershare Ubackit. It can help you schedule automatic and incremental backups to save you time and energy.
  • Verify the data and hard disk to be wiped. Before you start wiping a hard disk, you should confirm whether the hard disk is what you want to wipe and the data on it is important to you or not.
  • Do not overwrite the erased hard disk if you want to recover data from the wiped hard disk. New input data makes it hardly impossible to restore hard drive data.
  • Pay attention to S.M.A.R.T error. The occurrence of this error means that your computer hard disk is about to fail and data will be erased. Back up data and replace a new hard disk if you receive this reminder. Otherwise, what you value on the disk will be lost sooner or later.
  • Install malware and anti-virus programs. Anti-virus programs are helpful when confronting the invading virus.
  • Be careful where you store the computer system. The computer system is quite important. Once the system is crashed, it will be time and energy-consuming to install a new system and recover the erased hard drive.

Hope that all these tips can help you avoid wiping a disk drive mistakenly and losing your important information from a hard drive.

Part 4: Why a Wiped Hard Drive Can be Recovered

In case you haven’t used specialized software to delete your data on the hard drive, it is easier for you to recover your data. All traces of the data are not lost, only the location has been changed. After deleting the data unintentionally, it is always suggested to restrict yourself from overwriting the hard drive and use preferable software to recover your data.

Data recovery software is efficient in scanning the hard drive and fetching out the data that has already been deleted, as a place is already allocated to the data that you’ve deleted.

Part 5: Why Isn’t Data Erased Permanently When It’s Deleted

Most people wonder why their data is not erased permanently when it’s deleted. The mechanism of file deletion is pretty simple. Erasing a file and overwriting the space is a lengthy process. This is the reason that you delete a smaller file, it gets erased in no time in comparison to a file which is of 10 GB.

To save time and increase performance, the operating system is prone to keep track of data that is deleted. Users who have deleted their data accidentally can recover it in no time.

When a file is deleted, the operating system makes the space available for you to fill up with more data. Your deleted data is recoverable until that free space is utterly or partially filled. In case the data is partially overwritten, only some amount of data will be recoverable. If you are aiming to delete the data permanently there are numerous ways to do it and maintain its security.

Closing Words

Wiping a hard disk can't be easier but it will result in the loss of what we value. Luckily, with a hard disk recovery program, it can also be a snap to recover data from a wiped hard disk. Get reliable and safe Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software to retrieve your data back after a disk wipe. Download and try it right now.

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