20+ Love Wallpapers for Android 2023

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With Valentine's day less than a month away, it wouldn't hurt to get ready for lover's Day by ensuring that your device's home-screen lives up to the theme of the day. The following are some of the top live wallpapers for Android devices to help you get in the mood.

Love Heart Sparkle Live Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.livewallpapers.org/love-heart-sparkle-11996/

Size: 180 x 320

This live wallpaper will liven up the day with a sparkling heart right in the middle of your Android device's screen. It is perfect if you are looking to share the love this Valentine's day. It allows you to select a background, colors for the hearts, and even give the heart shapes sounds.

android wallpaper 01

Love and Flowers Live Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.livewallpapers.org/love-and-flowers-11931/

Size: 180 x 320

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a combination of Hearts and Flowers and this live app allows you to have a beautiful representation of both on your screen. The flowers can be used to create a mosaic of cupid or the words "I Love You"

android wallpaper 02

Red Rose Wallpaper

Credit: androidwalls.net

Size: 960 x 854

If you want to be in tune with lover's day but don't want to overdo it, this wallpaper that depicts a simple red rose is a perfect choice. It embodies love without having to be too flamboyant.

android wallpaper 03

Looove Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpaper/?looove/960×854

Size: 960 x 854

Here's another great one if you want to have a unique way to get into the spirit of love and lovers' day. It doesn't have too much going on but the beauty of it is its simplicity.

android wallpaper 04

Valentine Heart Live Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.livewallpapers.org/valentine-heart-2-11666/

Size: 200 x 333

This live wallpaper shows an animation of streaming heart shape on your device's screen. You can choose different colors for the heart as well as the background.

android wallpaper 05

Love Heart HD Live Wallpaper

Credit: http://www.livewallpapers.org/love-heart-hd-11181/

Size: 200 x 320

This one creates an amazing image of a blossoming heart on the screen. It can be a great representation of a new love affair that threatens to burst at the seams.

android wallpaper 06

Love Live Wallpaper

Credit: http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/4584332/

Size: 120 x 200

This Live wallpaper is amazing because it shows the various stages of proposing to the girl of your dreams. It is perfect if you plan on popping that question.

android wallpaper 07

Red Shine Rose LWP

Credit: http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/4584377/

Size: 120 x 200

This live wallpaper depicts love and a red rose kind of intertwined into one. It is a great choice if you enjoy color and elegance but also want to keep up with the love theme.

android wallpaper 08

I Love you Ring Wallpaper

Credit: http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/4585186/

Size: 120 x 200

This one is a love wallpaper that is not just for Valentine's Day but ideal for that newly-wed couple that wants to remember and celebrate their vows for one another.

android wallpaper 09

Flying Heart Love Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/den_svyatogo_valentina_valentines_day-lyubov-prazdniki-serdca-31475.html

Size: 480 x 800

This one depicts a heart that is flying away and a hand letting it go. It could be a great representation of unrequited love or finally being able to let go of a loved one when the relationship fails to work out.

android wallpaper 10

Animated Kiss Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/fon-lyubov-31928.html

Size: 480 x 800

This is a great animated representation of a couple in love. It makes good use of color to look great on your device's screen. It is also a great piece of art-work to look at.

android wallpaper 11

Red Hot Love Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/den_svyatogo_valentina_valentines_day-fon-lyubov-prazdniki-serdca-31259.html

Size: 480 x 800

Back to the Valentine's Day theme, this is a great image to depict the true spirit of the day. It carries both white and intense red colors associated with Lover's Day. The color can however be too intense if you don't like too much color.

android wallpaper 12

Heart-Shaped Gift Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/fon-lyubov-serdca-31104.html

Size: 480 x 800

Nothing says "I Love you" better than getting your better half a great gift. This wallpaper can help you remember to get them that special gift.

android wallpaper 13

Heart in a Dark Background

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/fon-lyubov-serdca-30817.html

Size: 480 x 800

Here's a great love wallpaper that is in theme with Lover's Day but doesn't have too much color. It is ideal if you don't want too much flamboyance but still want to be in tune with Love.

android wallpaper 14

Love Candle Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/den_svyatogo_valentina_valentines_day-lyubov-prazdniki-serdca-svechi-29570.html

Size: 480 x 800

If your Love burns bright, here's a great representation of the intensity of your Love. The white candle with a red heart shape will also look great on any device's screen.

android wallpaper 15

Unique Love Buttons Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/fon-lyubov-serdca-28780.html

Size: 480 x 800

If you are a creative person and want to find a different way to symbolize your Love, this unique piece of artwork will be a great choice for you. The colors blend in very well to provide a great image that works well with most devices.

android wallpaper 16

Love Coffee and Cake Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/eda-kofe-lyubov-napitki-serdca-28522.html

Size: 480 x 800

While we are on the topic of creativity and uniqueness, why can't a great cup of coffee and a heart-shaped piece of cake be used to symbolize love? This unique image lets you do just that.

android wallpaper 17

Starry Love Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/fon-lyubov-serdca-28456.html

Size: 480 x 800

If you want a Love wallpaper that is not so obvious, this one is a great choice. You need to look closely to see the hearts, but they are there, shining bright and brightening up your day.

android wallpaper 18

Animated Moonlit Kiss Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/anime-devushki-lyubov-muzhchiny-27353.html

Size: 480 x 800

Here's a great animated depiction of a moonlit Lover's kiss. The color contrast makes it a great addition to any home screen. The colors look great but are not too bright.

android wallpaper 19

Key to My Heart Wallpaper

Credit: http://wallpaper.mob.org/image/fon-lyubov-serdca-27208.html

Size: 480 x 800

If you are ever in the habit of using images to express your feelings, this image makes the perfect representation of how you feel about another person. It can be used to symbolize that your heart belongs to the other person.

android wallpaper 20

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