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How to Fix a Blurry Video on Computer | Unblur Video Now

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Aug 04, 2023 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

No one likes to watch a blurry video. You can miss important details and spoil the fun. While on vacation, I recorded some killer videos. I am trying to watch them on my computer, but all the videos are blurry. Is there a way to fix a blurry video? If you are facing the same problem as this person, you don’t have to worry. This article will show you some techniques you can try to fix blurry videos on your computer.

Part 1: What Makes Your Videos Blurry

A video can get blur in various ways. Now, it’s difficult to stop this from happening, but you can take some precautions to prevent it from happening. But, it all depends on how you are interacting with the multimedia. The blur problem is usually associated with the result of something going while you were in the process of creating the video. Also, it might be attributed to something not right with your installed hardware.

Before you become familiar with some repair methods, it’s crucial to understand why some videos blur. This will help you avoid getting into such situations in the future. Listed below are the usual causes of a blurry video, which most video creators face:

  • Software compatibility. When watching a video, you might see that it’s in poor detail. It’s possible that the version of your media play is not compatible with the compression scheme of the video. The video file has to be compatible with the specific format. It’s for this reason why media players need a software update to ensure videos are not blurred or corrupted.
  • Codec support. Once a video is formatted into a file, it gets a codec after it’s compressed. Most of the time, if you’re having a blurred video in a media player even when it’s in a compatible format, probably your computer doesn’t support that file.
  • Limited disk space. Video playback can be blurry if the disk space in your computer is overloaded. An enormous amount of stored files and installed programs can overwhelm a hard drive. Worse still, they can interfere with the performance of your computer. Due to this, you will get blurry videos when you play them. (Try to know how to free up disk space)
  • File integrity. You can also have blurriness in your video if there is poor encoding. It’s important to note that videos require to be digitized properly in addition to having the right codec support, proper software, or enough disk space. Improper digitization can cause blurriness in your videos.

Part 2. How to Fix A Blurry Video on Computer

Videos on iMovies are supposed to be engaging, but this can be spoiled when you have blurry footage. This problem happens because of the camera’s quick movements while capturing the video. This issue is referred to as a rolling shutter distortion.

Fix Blurry Videos After Damage on Computer

Wondershare Repairit Video Repair is one of the best tools you can use to repair a video file. It repairs the following: MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, AVI, and FLV file formats. It uses the Quick or Advance Repair modes to repair the videos that got corrupt while shooting, during file transfer, when editing, processing, or converting. 

  • Simultaneous repair of videos.
  • Repairs severely corrupt videos by utilizing sample files.
  • Free scan for corrupt videos.
  • It allows you to preview videos before saving them to any destination of your choice.
  • Repairs videos from different devices, including memory cards, SD cards, computer hard drives, digital cameras, camera drones, camcorders, and action cameras.
  • Clears blurry videos with no limitations on the size of video files it can repair.
  • Supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and macOS 10.10-MacOS 12.

If you have run out of options, Wondershare Repairit can save your day. It’s easy to use. First download and launch it to your pc, then take the following steps to recover your video:

Mac users can turn to this guide for more specific steps - How to repair damaged video files on Mac.

Step 1: Add Videos with Corrupted Blurry Footage

Click the Add button or "Add video and start repairing" area to add your blurry video.

select video file

Step 2: Scan the Blurry Video

Click on the Repair button and wait for a while as Wondershare Repairit will start fixing the blurry video.

scanning process

Step 3: Repairing Process

The application will repair the video and you will be notified once the process is complete. Make sure you don’t interrupt the process.

Step 4: Preview the Repaired Videos

You can preview the recovered video by double-clicking it. This enables you to check if your blurry video has been repaired.

preview after scan

Step 5: Advance Repair

Finally, if you find out that the video is not repaired to your satisfaction, consider doing further repair. You can click the Advance Repair button. This is a more detailed repair process and might take a couple of minutes. You need to click the folder icon to add a sample file first and then click the Repair button to start repairing.

advance video repair

The best part about using the Wondershare Repairit is that it allows you to retrieve and save the repaired video on any preferred destination. If you follow the above steps, you can fix the video quality.

Solution 2. Fix Blurry Video Footage with iMovie

Here is the best part, if you are figuring out how to fix the quality of a video, simply put, it is easy. iMovie is designed to reduce this problem by using the Rolling Shutter feature. So if you have this distortion causing your video blurry, this is how to make a blurry video clear iMovie:

Step 1: Select A Blurry Video

The blurry video is in the movie library or Event Browser. Choose the footage with a blurry video by clicking it.

select a blurry video

This will bring the adjustment bar placed above the viewer. Next, press the Shaky Video button to get the Stabilization options.

Step 2: Make Video Adjustments

On the stabilization options, choose the Fix Rolling Shutter checkbox. You will know the Fix Rolling Shutter box as it has a red dash to show that iMovie is making some adjustments to the blurry video.

video adjustments

This might take a while if the video is long. Once the Rolling Shutter completes the adjustment, a checkmark displays on the Fix Rolling Shutter.

Step 3: Preview the Fixed Blurry Video

You can preview the repaired video in the Viewer. Take your mouse into the Viewer.

preview the fixed blurry video

The Playback options will reveal the Play button. At this point, click the Play button to watch the movie.

Step 4: Adjustment Preferences

iMovie allows you to set the adjustment of your choice. You can do this by clicking the Fix Rolling Shutter menu. Select the level of adjustment you want. iMovie will then use this new level of Roller Shutter adjustment to your video.

adjustment preferences

To confirm its quality, preview it in the Viewer. Lastly, save the repaired blurry video.

You can also use professional tools like Wondershare Repairit Video Repair to fix a blurry video more easily. It can repair corrupt video header, movement, and frames, no matter which video format the file is.

Here are the exact steps about MOV video repair.
- 2 minutes to read it.

Part 3: How to Fix Blurry Videos on Facebook

Are you struggling with grainy and blurry videos on your Facebook feed? Or feel like every video that you share on Facebook looks distorted? After spending so much time producing visual content for Facebook, using several editing tools, and trying to export the video file in high-resolution, it can be devastating to find out that the final result will be blurry, grainy, and a complete disaster.

Here, we will discuss two cases of why your Facebook videos may blur and how to unblur a video and fix this issue.

Case 1. Uploaded Videos Become Blurry

In today's digital era, you find a wide variety of amazing cameras. They are affordable, the quality is sharp, and most of us even have smartphones with ultra high definition video cameras in our pockets. It is honestly not difficult to create a high-quality and great-looking video these days that our family and friends would love to watch. However, what can be truly hard is to upload the video on Facebook, hoping that it does not become pixelated, blurry, or fuzzy.

Here are some of the reasons why your video may look bad on Facebook:

Fix Blurry Videos on Facebook

To learn how to fix blurry videos on Facebook, and to stop Facebook from uploading low-quality videos, check out the solutions below for different devices.

On an Android Phone

Facebook for Android phones provides an option to upload high-quality videos. So if you want to know how to fix blurry videos on Android, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Facebook application on your Android phone, go to the menu option on the right side of the screen, and click on "App Settings" under the "Help and Settings" option.

Step 2: Now, you will find "Upload Videos in HD" and "Upload Photos in HD." Switch on both these options to make the video clearer. You are ready to view videos and photos in HD quality!

open application and switch

On an iPhone

You can easily learn how to make blurry video clear on iPhone by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the Facebook application on your iOS device, go to the menu option on the bottom right, and click on "Settings."

Step 2: Now, scroll down to the "Videos and Photos option and switch on both "Upload HD" options.

open settings and switch on upload hd

On Desktop Facebook

Are you looking for a solution on how to make a video clear on a computer, check out the following steps:

Step 1: Open Facebook on your desktop and open the home page. After that, go to the menu option on the extreme right and click on "Settings & Privacy." Then select the "Settings" option.

Step 2: Now, scroll down to "Videos" on the extreme left side of the screen. Click it and change the "Video Default Quality" to HD.

set video default quality

Note: If the videos are set to default, the video quality will automatically change, depending on the available bandwidth. The faster the bandwidth, the better the video's quality.

Case 2. Videos Are Corrupted

Another reason why your videos may appear blurry or pixelated on Facebook is that they are corrupted. There are several ways to fix and repair Facebook's corrupted video files; some of them are mentioned below:

If you think that your camera application on your phone keeps producing corrupted videos, then clear the data and cache of the camera app to avoid corrupted video files.

If you cannot play the sound of your Facebook video on your computer, then consider updating the drivers of your system. You can do so by going to the Start menu of your computer and then selecting "Device Manager." Once open, look for different sound drivers, right-click, and choose the option to update them.

select device manager

You can also use a professional tool like Wondershare Video Repair to fix corrupted Facebook videos. However, to use this tool, you first need to directly download the video from Facebook and save it to your computer, or you can even download it on your phone through the Facebook application and then move it to your computer. This tool will help you to perform both quick and advanced video repair and fix all kinds of issues related to pixelated or blurry video, corrupt video files, audio-video syncing issues, and more.

Part 4: How to Make a Blurry Video Clear

Whether you’re a professional videographer or just an amateur shooting a video, everyone can have a shaky shot moment at one point. You also might have hurried to capture a video without adjusting the setting or you haven’t mastered the art of staying steady. Videos are supposed to grab the attention of viewers within seconds. But if something goes wrong, you want to find a quick solution to a blur video. And the good news? There are ways on how to remove blur from a video online. The following steps will show you how to unblur a video:

Step 1: Prepare Before You Record A Video

Preparation is important if you want to avoid online videos not playing. This is what you need to do to prepare before taking a shot:

  • First of all, you need to keep in mind what you want to accomplish at the end before capturing a video.
  • Consider where you want to play your video to determine the resolution of your camera or computer screen.

You may be wondering what is the screen resolution. Well, a screen resolution refers to the dimensions of your screen. This is usually measured in pixels. For high definition editing and production, the dimensions should be 1080p and 720p. It’s advisable to record your video with the highest resolution for any screen resolution. This is because your video will require to be edited, meaning you will be flexible to scale the footage and zoom it. When you zoom in or scale up the footage, you will normally get a blurry video.

Step 2: Use Vector Art

When capturing a video, you have options called vector art and raster art. While raster art is comprised of several pixels, vector art uses a certain mathematical calculation. This means you cannot enlarge raster art without blurring the video. On the other hand, the vector is independent of resolution. Due to this, you can scale your video without blurring it. The secret is to make sure that you scale your video using vector art without blurring it.

Step 3: Utilize the Right File Formats

Another essential solution on how to make a blurry video clear is by using the right format. You need to understand various video formats to make sure that the footage has the best quality for its targeted audience, destination, and purpose. The ideal format for videos is the MP4 file format. If you use this format, you are guaranteed of getting a video with high quality while having a low file size.

The MP4 sizes might be quite small but they have excellent quality even after you compress them. Furthermore, most of the software and web applications are compatible with this format and they play great on most devices. Besides this, most people prefer the MP4 format because it’s more compatible with many devices than other file formats. You can use it on Microsoft, computers, phones, tablets, TVs, and many other devices.

Part 5: How to Improve Video Quality

No doubt you know that improving video quality is not usually an exciting experience. But how to make a video less blurry? it’s easy to fix blurry video online for free if you know what you’re doing. The bottom line is you have to know some techniques to use while capturing footage onsite without relying on fixing the mistakes after the shot. Here are some quick tips that will ensure there is high quality in the video:

  • Get a good camera. Perhaps, this is the most important thing in making sure you have quality videos. If you have a low-quality camera, expect to produce low-quality videos. In contrast, a great camera with proper features for the type of videos you desire will produce high-quality videos.
  • Add effects while editing. It’s pretty common to switch off digital effects when you are shooting a video. The idea is to have a realistic shot of the shot. But, you can add the effects during editing.
  • The video shots should be uniform. Keep the angles of your camera uniform to create consistency in the footage. It helps the viewers to follow it. You must remember that memorable videos are killer videos with few shooting positions.
  • Check the sound while shooting. Utilize good quality microphones while capturing a video. Also, remove background sounds and distortions when editing. These sounds distract you and others while viewing it. (If you find the recorded videos have no audio, you have to repair no sound videos as soon as possible.)

It’s common for videos to turn blurry. You would want to use a trusted solution to fix such problems and make them clear. While there are several ways on how to remove blur from video, only a few of them will sort out most of the video issues. Wondershare Repairit Video Repair is one such tool, that fixes blurry videos. It’s easy to use and doesn’t need a lot of knowledge and expertise.

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