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Best Enterprise Data Backup Software

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Aug 04, 2023 • Filed to: Take Data Backup • Proven solutions

Q: I have a company that is growing rapidly. Is there any software that is safe to back up the information?

Enterprises have immense amounts of information that must be carefully stored. With time, technology is inherent in corporations and they make use of it to store databases, statistics, photos, evidence, videos, and all kinds of documents. Keeping such information safe and backed up is a primary need, which is why professional software is required to ensure that each file is completely safe, in addition to the application offering the indicated protection so that there is peace of mind that you will be completely prepared in case of any problem.

Part 1: Why Is Enterprise Data Backup Important?

Virtually all companies have confidential information of all kinds. Previously, everything was kept in printed files, and it could take hours or even days for employees to find a specific document. Gradually, these types of files became virtual and currently, almost all companies have a database that contains everything necessary for it to work.

It is understandable that the information that the company stores are transcendental and that its safekeeping must be safe and reliable. The Internet has become a positive tool for users and companies have benefited from all that computer technology offers, being one of the greatest advantages of being able to store and back up their information.

Companies that do not have a backup of their information or have not moved to the data hosting services have a clear disadvantage with the rest, since, if their documents or files are lost, it can trigger serious problems that can lead to cause enormous damage.

Enterprise data backup software, in its multiple versions, makes it easy to back up massive amounts of information stored on various computers, which means that it is increasingly easier to have an option so that, in the face of any unforeseen event or mishap, Rest assured that the corresponding files will be safe in the application or platform.

So, enterprise data backup is decisive and extremely important because:

  1. Many common causes can lead to data loss: You can never be exempt from the loss of information, whether it is due to a computer failure, hard disk problems, malware, viruses or simply accidentally deleting a file, there is always the possibility that the company may suffer from it. A backup gives you that margin of error so that all the information is safe.
  2. The best way to prevent data loss is to backup your data: Installing antivirus, making sure to save files and other maneuvers are valid, but none of them will give you the peace of mind and security that your files are always stored, such as having a backup of them. Performing this function will prevent you from major problems since regardless of what happens to your information, you will always have a stored copy.
  3. Data loss to an enterprise can be disastrous: The simple fact of having an enterprise data backup is going to prevent you from a disaster and that the company enters a total vulnerability. As previously mentioned, the data that an enterprise has, whether it is big or small business, can represent the engine for it to continue growing. Lack of backup simply puts all your files and documents at risk.

backup to select file backup

So, what type of data backup software should enterprise choose?

There are different types, with online and cloud backup being the most common, although there are also endpoint backups; depending on the needs of the company, there will always be a file storage service that is tailored.   

Regardless of the information that needs to be stored, it is important to verify that the application or software that is used to support the information is secure, which is why it is very important to read the terms of service in detail to know what the company that develops the service is committed to. And in addition to the fact that, at the time of downloading it or making use of the online service, it is from its official page, because third parties sometimes offer you to download it and it can be dangerous.

Part 2: What Can Enterprise Data Backup Software Do?

There are different enterprise data backup software that can offer more specialized services according to the needs of the company. Some of them have disaster recovery, data archival, information restructuring, file organization, virtual assistance, among others, in addition to each one having an interface that may be more attractive to users.

Below, I will mention the three basic points of what all enterprise data backup software must do:

  1. It can back up all the computers in the organization to a shared network location instead of one by one: The information hosting service must make an automatic backup of all the computers, since, being in a shared network, it is not necessary to make a separate backup. This means that regardless of what is worked on each computer, all the information will be stored at the same time in the software and therefore can be accessed regardless of which computer it comes from.
  2. It helps you move data to another storage location and protect, compress, encrypt (if need) the data as an image file: These features are basic for any business backup, which makes it possible to make changes to the information from the software, an action that avoids the need to specifically go to the computers where the file or document originated. In addition to this, these functions allow the information to be organized at all times and to customize the preferences through simple steps.
  3. One IT administrator can do backups on all the computers with one company, which saves time and effort: The fact that you can make a backup of all computers of a company results in something very useful. Regardless of time or location, you can simply log in to the enterprise data backup software and the information will be available to the administrator. This means that it will no longer be necessary to go to the computer where the information came from, which, absolutely, means that the backup not only represents security and tranquility, but it is also a synonym of practicality, time, and effort saving.

Part 4: Best Data Backup Software ---- AOMEI Backupper

A very reliable option to make professional and safe backups is AOMEI Backupper, which is software that specializes in making backups of all kinds, including Network Attached Storage, which works perfectly for any enterprise. You can download the software with simple steps, once you have done it, you just have to install it and follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Start the backup process

backup to select file backup

Click "Backup" and select "File Backup". You can also back up the system, partitions, and even whole disks to the NAS device by choosing other backup types.

Step 2: Add files and/or folders to backup

backup to add folders files

Name the task so that you can distinguish it from other backup tasks. Click "Add File" or "Add Folder" to select the files/folders you want to backup.

Step 3: Select NAS

backup to select destination

backup to share

Click the second column an choose "Share/NAS" in the pop-up window to add the destination path. Or you can expand the drop-down menu of the second column and click "Select a network location".

backup to select network location

You can also map the NAS/Share (network drive) as a local drive-in Windows and choose the mapped drive as the destination location.

Step 5: Name your NAS and enter the IP address

backup to nas type network path

Click the "Add Network Location" button in the lower-left corner and enter the IP address of your NAS. Meanwhile, you can name your NAS device.

Step 6: Choose the destination path

backup to nas select final destination

After the NAS devices have been added, all the folders under this NAS device will be listed. Choose one folder as the destination path, and then click "OK". Finally, you must confirm the operation and click "Start Backup" to backup files to NAS.


Companies generate important information daily that allows them to control what is done, capture results, legal issues, databases, among others. Having a backup of all files and documents is currently a primary need, so a safe and practical alternative must be taken so that the information is protected and can be used at any time. For this there is AOMEI Backupper, with this tool you can schedule and automize the backup process, in this way, you will always be prepared in case if any failure occurs, in addition to being very easy and practical to use.

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